(A collection of Matlab tools for optical simulations)

Please note that since 2015 Simtools has not been updated. We are using PyKat, a Python-based set of tools instead of Simtools now. Most of the Simtools files will still work of course, just some new features of Finesse will not be accessible.

SimTools is a collection of Matlab m-files, containing utility functions or example scripts. This set of files was originally written to be used with Finesse (version 0.99.9 or later), providing Matlab functions to read, write and edit Finesse input files automatically. Since then, this package has been extended with numerous files related to optics and simulations. In particular, it includes an extensive set of Matlab functions and scripts regarding Gaussian optics and higher order modes. Furthermore, Simtools includes many contributed functions from several other people. Feel free to send us your own Matlab function to be included in the Simtools package!


To install SimTools, you can either download the zip archive below, or if you want to always have the latest updates download the source code directly from our git repository.

Zip archive

Download and unzip the zip file below, and copy the newly created folder `SimTools07' into a directory which is in your Matlab path. A list of functions can be printed using FT_help; try 'FT_help()' to get started. See also the Readme file below for a list of the included functions.

Git repository

The source code, including the utility scripts for creating the help index are all stored in a git repository, which can be accessed at: