(a vector graphics library for illustrations of optics experiments)

Alexander Franzen

since 2006

ComponentLibrary is a free, open collection of images for drawing diagrams related to laser optics, including many optics but also electronic components. The images are provided as vector graphics, as Scalable Vector Graphics (svg), to be used with free tools such as Inkscape, and in Adobe Illustrator format (ai).

Upgrade your optical layouts!

Originally developed for illustrating a Diploma thesis at the Albert-Einstein Institute in Hannover, the library has since been used to provide diagrams and graphs for many research papers, PhD theses and talks. If you are working with optical components or sometimes write or give talks about science, the ComponentLibrary might be a good starting point for creating clear and well-designed drawings to support your work.


All images in a single svg file for convenient copy+paste, recommended with Inkscape (120 kB)

Images in one Adobe Illustrator compatible library file (360 kB)

Zip file with all images as separate files (svg and ai, 1.3 MB)

Old German manual for version 3 of ComponentLibrary (pdf, 2.3MB)


The images below given an overview of the graphics components available and how they can be used. For some illustrations made with the ComponentLibrary, see also the Finesse examples.

Screen-shot of the svg version of the ComponentLibrary

More complex example for the use of the ComponentLibrary provided by Henning Vahlbruch.


Creative Commons License
ComponentLibrary by Alexander Franzen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

We explicitly waive the requirement for attribution when the library is used to create a small number of illustrations for a new work, such as a research paper or a web page. However in all other cases, for example, when the library or its components are distributed, or if the library is used to illustrate major parts of a larger work, such as a book or PhD thesis, the creator Alexander Franzen must be acknowledged as specified in by the Creative Commons license above.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available via