2017 BNU Summer School - Gravitational Waves

This page collects the material presented in the Summer School on Gravitational Waves given at Beijing Normal University from 10.07.2017 to 14.07.2017 by Daniel Brown and Andreas Freise.

Task notebooks

Download and extract each of these zip files into the same folder. The Jupyter notebooks in that foder contain the tasks for you to work on and all the relevant descriptions.

Answer notebooks

HTML versions of the notebooks that show the answers to the tasks. We recommend that you do not read these before you tried to solve the tasks in the notebooks above by yourselves.

Lecture Notes

Handwritten notes for the lectures. Please note that these notes are written for ourselves to help with the lecture. We distribute them here in case they are useful, but they do not exactly represent what has been shown in the lecture, nor did we correct mistakes that we discovered later.