The Einstein gravitational wave Telescope

(A conceptual design for a third-generation gravitational wave observatory)

The Einstein Telescope (ET for short) is a conceptual design for a third generation gravitational wave observatory in Europe. This page collects some information and material related to optical design work of Einstein Telescope design study. Please see the official ET project page for more information and news about the Einstein Telescope!

All the technical information about the conceptual design of the observatory is now availabe in the 450 pages long pre-release of the ET design study document (Warning: 70MB pdf file!). Instead of reading all of that, you can also click on the following images to see and explore images and the optical layout of the instrument.

ET, artisitiv view See a slideshow of fascinating artists' impressions of the Einstein Telescope.
ET, optical layout Explore the details of optical layout of the Einstein Telescope.