Einstein Telescope Optical Layout

(Explore the multiple interferometers!)

The Einstein Telescope consists of three detectors that are folded together into a triangle. Each detector is formed by two interferometers, one for low-frequency graviational waves (LF) and one for high-frequency gravitational waves (HF). In total, the Einstein Telescope therefore hosts six 10km long interferometers.

More images and information are available via this Einstein Telescope page

In order to visualise the optical layout, and to be able to design the required infrastructure, the tunnels and caverns, a full 3D CAD model of the observatory has been created by Martin Doets (Nikhef):

ET CAD drawing 1 ET CAD drawing 2

The following drawing is a work in progress: I am re-creating the optical layout as a 2D vector graphics, which allows to zoom and move around, i.e. to explore the full complex optical layout of the Einstein Telescope from within the browser. Try it! In a modern browser you should be able to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel and move around by clicking and dragging the image. Also, the arrow keys should switch between several pre-selected views. (In some browsers this might work better when you open the image itself in a new tab).

This image has been created with Inkscape and the Sozi extension.

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